GOAT questions?

Ain't nobody goat time for FAQs so here's a quick starter:


You can buy, sell, or do both

  • Buy: You can buy a listed NFT that you like. Or you can create a single-sided pool with some SOL and wait for sellers.
  • Sell: You can sell to an existing pool. Or you can create a single-sided pool with your NFTs and wait for buyers.
  • Do both: Create a 2 sided pool with some NFTs and SOL.

Yea, whatever floats your goat.


Why is my NFT not showing up?

We only allow NFTs from verified collections to protect silly goats. If you're the collection creator with the update authority, you can do that very easily with this Metaplex tool. If you purchased the NFT, ask the project team.



We take 1%. The pool owner sets their own fees. The listed price you see is inclusive of fees already.


How are prices decided?

The pool owner sets a starting price for an NFT. They can also determine how much prices move whenever there’s a transaction.